private yoga

Want more one-on-one attention?

Why Private Yoga?

There are many reasons why someone would choose private yoga, if you're reading this you likely know why you're interested. A few common reasons:

  • Your schedule is busy and prefer an hour with a personally curated regiment.

  • You have a current or pre/existing injury that you need extra guidance/attention to correct.

  • You are new to practising yoga and would prefer to learn it from the ground up.


Meet Dot - Private Yoga Student

Dot has had Scoliosis since she was 12. Scoliosis is a medical condition in which persons spine has a sideways curve. It can interfere with breathing by pushing on organs and lungs. Here is what she has said about private yoga experience:

private yoga

“I contacted Jayla for private yoga lessons, as I have tried many times and failed to get into yoga. The issue I had with group lessons was that I had no idea what I was doing. My downward dogs hurt my wrists and I can’t tell whether my pelvic was in line. I have scoliosis, and everyone recommended yoga to help with my situation, so I was determined to find a way to enjoy yoga and make sure I was doing it correctly.

Jayla was so understanding with my scoliosis and spent a lot of time beforehand seeing what hurts me, how my body twists and curves, and how to make it easy for me to do and enjoy, so that I am motivated to practice every day.

My husband believes I’ve grown an inch as a result of my yoga sessions with Jayla. My body feels stronger, my posture is better, and interestingly my mind is calmer. Jayla devised a series of yoga poses that I can easily do every day, not just specifically for my scoliosis, but to test my body and give it strength. Furthermore, Jayla encourages me to practice yoga and gave me the motivation to do it every day.

Jayla is my ray of sunshine and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to try out yoga or to improve on yoga. I guarantee that what you experience will change your life for the better.”

private yoga student - chloe wyman

Meet Chloe - Private Yoga Student

Chloe wanted to do private yoga to build confidence and learn proper foundations so she could take her practice to the next level. Here was what she felt about her private yoga sessions:

“Private yoga with Jayla was such a treat, it was soothing, emerging and confident building! Jayla works from the premise that in order to change yourself you must start by acknowledging and accepting yourself. For me, this has meant working with my body (not against it). This was so refreshing! By the end of my 6 private sessions, I felt more confident in my ability to safely flow at home and in classes; and I feel so proud of my progress! I will however miss private with Jayla as her gentile instruction, and adjustments were such a treat! I'd highly recommend a class from Jayla! “


Interested in Private Yoga?