corporate yoga


"Our team really look forward to our yoga classes with Jayla. We're so happy we found Jayla! She is professional, prompt and each class is tailored to our employee's goals."

- Hailey Hastings, HH at PathFactory

Why Office Yoga?

A midday break. Syncing breath with movement, a great way to help with 'office back,' reset and connect with colleagues. 

 Why Jayla?

Jayla has spent her whole career in a corporate office setting, and still spends majority of time in front of a computer. Although yoga is a passion she now pursues, she is still hyper aware of effects of long, hardworking days hunched in front of a computer.

She is sensitive to the variety of skill, levels and experience with yoga. Classes will focus on counteracting the workday postures. As well, she understand gentle balance of integrating mindfulness to be accessible to everyone, as well as help to specifically alleviate work stresses.


The difference?

Jayla will ensure employees are well guided, as well administrators. Jayla also worked in wellness + healthcare industry, with HR clients for 5+ years. She understands your busy scheduleand the need to have office perks be easy, simple and professional for you and your employees.

  • Provide survey for preferred times.

  • Provide anonymous feedback survey after each class to continually improve and be transparent.

  • Make class fun, playful and light-hearted.

  • Optional aromatherapy oil shoulder reset at end of class.

  • Provide refreshing chilled towels for a quick refresh for employees.

  • Work with you and your employees to cater to your unique needs.


Interested in Corporate Yoga?